About June Carol Clair

About June Carol Clair:  Part professional, part stay-at-home, always stylish and always, a Mom

I chose the name of my blog to reflect the iconic TV moms I most relate to.  I love TV.

I am a little June Cleaver, and sometimes wish life were like 1950.  I like to wear dresses and bake.  June was a classy mom and pragmatic.  I wish my house were as clean as June’s.

I am a little Carol Brady, but mostly because I grew up in the 1970s and relate to the clothes.  If I had an Alice, I’d be really pleased as I do enjoy having someone take care of me and my house, but so far it is just my cleaning person every two weeks.  Just like Carol I am always at school events and there when the kids get home from school, most of the time.

I am a little Clair Huxtable in that I have had a great career.  I wish I lived in the city like Clair, but the burbs have been good to me so far.

Some days I am all of these moms rolled into one.  With a little Betty Draper  from Mad Men and Lois from Malcolm in the Middle thrown in.

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