Day 11 of 2013: Broken New Year’s Resolutions & the ones that are sticking

On January 5th, I broke New Year’s Resolution #9.  I let my gas tank go way past empty (on a cold winter day with kids in the car).

I compromised on my resolution to see more movies in the movie theater by watching Bill Cunningham New York while I took down the Christmas tree.   I loved the behind the scenes of my favorite section of the New York Times: the Styles section.    The film stoked my creativity: bringing me back to why I love great journalism, great art, great fashion.  And I love the gritty and glamorous world of New York.  One takeaway from the film that made me think about my career: at one point Cunningham worked for Details and Details was sold to Conde Nast.  Bill Cunningham refused to cash checks from Conde Nast: quipping: “Money is the cheapest thing, liberty is the most expensive.”  Lately I’ve been wishing I had more exciting work and more money, but the freedom to create my own hours to spend time with my family is priceless.  Bill Cunningham inspired me.  See the movie.  I should have seen it in the theater when it came out last year.

I broke my no swearing in front of the kids rule today by telling the 2 year old to “stop busting my balls”.    This was after he removed cables from the back of the TV so I couldn’t watch Bravo, stuck stickers on the Whole Foods shopping cart, slept on the way home from Whole Foods, was so sleepy didn’t wake up when I changed his diaper and removed his winter coat but woke up once I was settled in my bed with my laptop and Bravo on the upstairs TV.  Then when I gave up, took him out of his crib and started picking up toys from the floor, he jumped on my back.  Have I mentioned I have been seeing a chiropractor for back pain?   Doesn’t he sound like a ball buster?

On the creative front, I put together a stunning mantel display with a winter beach theme. One day at a time.  Running on Empty

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