New Year’s Resolutions that Don’t Involve Losing Ten Pounds

2013 New Year’s Resolutions

ImageNo weight loss or exercise or budgeting New Year’s Resolutions for me this year.  Some of the resolutions I came up with that will benefit me and everyone around me:


1.  Listen more, preach less.  I like to talk and I like to give unsolicited advice.  In 2013, I am going to try to actively listen.  But those around me may be sorry that they will miss out on my great ideas and tips.  They’ll need to wait until 2014.


2.  Have the kids help more around the house.  Sometimes it’s harder to nag, cajole and argue with the kids to do a task then empty the dishwasher myself.  I am going to expect more out of them, and get more out of them: putting away groceries, switching the laundry, and emptying the dishwasher. 


3.  Carry around a notebook and write stuff down: to do lists, writing ideas, whatever is in my head.  I have a dozen journals and notebooks of all sizes: hardback, spiral bound, from Bob Slate, from CVS, from fancy paper stores.  If I use them more, I will feel less anxious about what I have to do and will have less of a chance to be mad at myself for forgetting.


4.  Speaking of fancy paper stores I am going to take a line from Paper Source and “Do something creative every day”.  On Christmas Eve, I made my mom a terrarium out of moss from my yard, a mushroom Christmas ornament and some birch bark.  It was so fun to make and I had such a sense of satisfaction: take that expensive South End of Boston shop: I made my own terrarium and didn’t have to pay 150 bucks to have someone else make it! 


5.  Curse less around the kids.  Swearing is not becoming on a 41-year-old woman, it certainly isn’t cute when a 2 year old parrots, “Shit”.  I’ve been swearing in front of kids since 1994, when the toddler I was a nanny for mimicked, “Jesus” while we were swimming in her grandparents’ pool in Hobe Sound.  I’m going to try my damnedness.


6.  Buy a copy of Harriet Lerner’s “Marriage Rules” and take little chestnuts from the book like: (I’m paraphrasing): don’t be a bitch to your husband, don’t disparage his mother, put out, etc.


7. Don’t say no to volunteering, but don’t say yes right away.   This will allow me to make time that I don’t have for the causes and events I care about the most, or that need me the most.


8.  Go see more movies in the theater.  See #4.  Watching movies in a theater feeds my soul and so does movie theater popcorn in certain indie theaters.


9.  Fill up the car with gas and don’t let it get to empty.  I’ve been better with this but you’d think running out of gas on a major highway at Midnight 8 years ago would have taught me something.  It didn’t, and neither did put-putting on fumes and miraculously making it to my destination. I continually find myself calculating how late I’ll be by stopping at the gas station or how far I can get with the tank on empty.  More gas in the tank=less stress later.


10. Find a way to get to Paris or Venice.  I haven’t wanted to leave the kids to go to Europe and I certainly can’t afford to bring the whole lot of them.  But I have a serious jones to get back to Europe.  Putting it out into the universe now, a la The Secret. 

 What are some of your New Year’s Resolutions that don’t involve losing 10 pounds?


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2 responses to “New Year’s Resolutions that Don’t Involve Losing Ten Pounds

  1. lemead

    I am laughing out loud at #6. X, Y, Z, etc. Such wisdom in those small, off-hand, paraphrased ideas! 🙂 How about #11, get together with LM? xox

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