Children’s Literature and Old School Picture Books to Read to the iPad Generation

If I weren’t in PR, I would be a Children’s Librarian.  I love discovering new authors and old favorite books to read to my kids.  The best is when I discover old books which I never read when I was little, like:

Mousekin’s Golden House by Edna Miller.   It’s a story that’s perfect for this time of year.  A woodland mouse discovers a discarded jack o lantern in the woods and makes it his home.  The illustrations are beautiful and the story is well-told.  If I were a children’s book publisher, I would reissue this book because the story is timeless and it is out of print.  You’ll have to get this one from the library unless you want to pay 100 dollars for it on Ebay.   (ages 5-9)

Tucker’s Countryside  by George Selden.  I read The Cricket in Times Square and Harry Cat’s Pet Puppy when I was a kid, but somehow missed Tucker’s Countryside.   It’s all about Chester the Cricket’s home in Connecticut.  Lots of cute critters with a great storyline and wonderful descriptions of country life.  (I read this to my daughter when she was in Kindergarten or first grade, but it is a chapter book older kids can discover on their own).

Books I just rediscovered with my kids:

The Frances series by Russell Hoban.   The illustrations of Frances the Badger and her family are so sweet I framed a page from “Bedtime for Frances” for my firstborn’s nursery.   I remember taking these books out of the library while my mom did laundry at the laundromat in town.  I listened to the cassette tape version with the beeps to turn the pages of the books.  I tried to get my daughter to read these when she was first in elementary school but it wasn’t until I tried reading the books to her little brother that she became interested.   For a few weeks this fall, we laughed at Frances and her friend Albert’s adventures especially the funny names (Ida, Gloria) and pastimes (collecting frogs on “outings”) and terms like “no backsies”.   (K-3, but my 4th grader got a good chuckle out of A Bargain for Frances).

And, of course,  my very favorite of all time The Boxcar Children.  Ah, to live in a boxcar with no parents.

What are some of your favorite books that are more vintage than classic?

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