Traditions: Sunday Dinner

It’s Labor Day, Monday.  But it feels like Sunday and I had the urge to prepare a big Sunday dinner.  I grew up with Sunday dinners and it’s a tradition that feels spiritual, comforting and the right way to start the week.  Tonight we ate a dinner of chicken parm, a tomato and eggplant sauce over whole wheat linguini.  The adults had some Rioja.  (A little different than the roast beef, potatoes and gravy Sunday dinners I had growing up).  I prepared the dinner with love and knowing I was taking care of my family the way my mom did and my grandmother did- and my mother in law, for that matter.   Before we ate, we joined hands and thanked God for a great summer and wished for blessings for a good school year.

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  1. We have family dinner on Sundays, religiously, and it’s a ritual that we all love. The menu is never as delicious as the one you describe, but I think it’s an important sure thing, in a world of flux, for my kids. And for me. xox

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