Expecting more from our cleaning people and babysitters than we expect from ourselves.

My cleaning lady came today and reminded me that I was supposed to buy Endust.  I called my neighbor and asked her if she had any Endust or Pledge and she said, “I try not to buy cleaning products with chemicals anymore.  Even though it makes my cleaning lady mad because they don’t work.”  Besides the fact that no one I know seems to clean their own house anymore, this reminded me of the double standards we keep for ourselves and what is realistic and fair?  I ask my cleaning person to clean with vinegar because it is more green, but when I really need to clean the floor fast, I am pulling out the Swiffer WetJet.  After a puke bug hits the house, I am all about Clorox.  And Lysol wipes.  In other words, I use what works and implore my cleaning lady to clean the house top to bottom with a jug of vinegar.

It’s the same idea as asking the nanny to not allow the kids to watch TV or only give them organic food.  Then when we get home we turn on a little Caillou and offer up a plate of mechanically separated chicken nuggets.   Who sits on the floor and plays with their kids all day long?   We aren’t perfect, so why should our employees be perfect?  Because we are paying them?

I was a nanny once.  I remember how it felt to be held to a very high standard, which I should have been, but at times it could be frustrating.  The mother wanted the baby on a strict sleep schedule for her convenience, but often the baby was too tired to stay up and adhere to the schedule.  I used to roll my eyes behind my employer’s back.  Now the tables are turned.

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March 20, 2012 · 10:27 am

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