Never Underestimate the Power of a Staycation at a Hotel

My husband and I bonded over our love of travel.  During the first year of our firstborn’s life she traveled with us to New York City, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Kansas City, Oklahoma City and a trip of a lifetime- 6 weeks in France and Italy.  Our middle child has never been on an airplane, which was a combination of his prickly nature, a frightening allergic reaction to peanuts at age 11 months and then an upgrade to our bigger house.  Translation = not a lot of extra money for vacations.

We’ve traveled some, but mostly in New England and Upstate New York (where my parents live).  My husband has taken a few solo vacations and I’ve brought our oldest daughter to visit friends in New Orleans, Washington DC and Denver.  Last weekend we had the opportunity to stay in our home city of Boston as my husband had a hotel room for a business event.

We had a big room with 2 big fluffy beds.  A TV.  A phone.  A coffee maker.  An ice machine down the hall.  Complimentary water.  The kids were happy for an adventure at a hotel, and even the baby was happy to toddle down the long hallways.  I was just as happy to not have to do dishes, the laundry and just focus on the kids and myself.  I treated the Sunday as a Sunday should be treated: sleeping in as much as possible, reading the New York Times, a few cups of coffee, a nice lunch.  I gave the kids my full attention when they talked (well, most of the time).  I sat back and enjoyed them, and so did my husband.

24 hours away from home may have refreshed me more than a week away.   I vowed to check my Amex points and call on my friend who works for a major hotel chain for her friends and family discount.  I need more staycations at hotels.   Meanwhile, middle child still hasn’t been on a plane…

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