The Importance of Being a “Traditional” Mother

I attended a wake and funeral last week for a beloved mother of a friend.  She was in her early 70s when she passed away, and left behind 4 children and many grandchildren.   The readings and eulogy at the funeral Mass had such an impact on me, not just because I was grieving for my friend and their family, and for the loss of a wonderful woman, but because of the expressions of what a selfless mother she was.


I just cut way back on work and a big percentage of my day is the drudgery of being a mom: getting the kids off to school, making lunches, loading the dishwasher, changing diapers, picking up laundry off the floor, clipping fingernails, scheduling appointments, fixing snacks, thinking about what to make for dinner, loading the dishwasher again.  It’s a thankless job in so many ways and it is much more exciting to get my client quoted in the Wall Street Journal than to initial the recorder practice sheet for my third grader and make sure it gets into her backpack.  Frankly, it can be depressing and I’ve wondered if I should turn the dial up with work again.  Maybe I am not cut out to be a mostly stay at home mom.


Hearing about the gratitude and adoration these 40 something children had for their mother- for stocking the fridge, for attending their games, teaching them to enunciate, standing up for them and most of all- for selflessly giving her time and making her family a priority made me think.


It made me aspire to be like her, to be a proud and gracious mother. 

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