Serenity Now: Some days I am patient on school mornings. Some days I am not.

My Kindergartener is at that stage of “School was fun the first month. Now I am done.” Each morning is met with resistance:

“What do you want for breakfast?”


“What do you want for breakfast?”


(Mini waffles placed in front of him).

SCREAM. Eventually waffles get consumed, begrudgingly.

(gaily) “Brush your teeth.”

(Kindergartener putters around playroom)

“Please. Brush. Your teeth.”

(more puttering)


“BRUSH your teeth.”


I dreaded this morning because I knew this would happen. Today I remained calm. I hugged him a lot. I distracted him. I helped him. He was still really pissed off. I was patient.

On Friday I threw a sample size Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizer across the room in frustration. I slammed the dishwasher door shut. I may have done some screaming too. Way to start off the school day. I felt terrible about it.

I try so hard to be patient. I try to let him get his way since his school days are so structured and long. Like on Saturday I let him bring an entire laundry hamper of balloons in the car while we ran errands. There wasn’t a lot of room for groceries.

I wish I could be more like that always, but he gets his temper from somewhere and it is definitely from my side of the family.

Serenity now.

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