Post Vacation-Resolutions

Every time I come home from a trip to Europe (jetsetter that I am- haven’t been in 8 years), I prepare homemade tomato sauce with pasta that I serve with white wine at lunch.  Or Salad Nicoise.   I always vow to have long lunches and enjoy good food and write more and enjoy art more and wear lipstick more.  (And yes- I’ve only been to France and Italy).

I just returned from a three-week vacation on Cape Cod.  This vacation wasn’t as much about eating and reading and writing, it was more about regrouping with my husband and my children.  I realized how frazzled I have been since the birth of my baby, who learned to crawl, stand up and clap the first week of vacation.  Slowing down made me realize how much my family needs my attention.  We’ve been managing just fine, but I’m ready to take it back up a notch.

When I came back home to a pile of mail, there was an envelope of Brownie badges I forgot to pick up from another mom’s house.  There was an invitation I forgot to RSVP to.   Being buttoned up and responsible is important to me.  These little things slipping through the cracks are not that big of a deal.  What is a big deal is making sure I’m not on my cell phone with my client during CCD carpool.  That I’m making school lunches at least a few times a week so my daughter isn’t ingesting government subsidized bagels and chicken nuggets every day (which I never thought I would do but relied on this option as a way to survive the work/new baby/third kid balance).   That my soon-to-be Kindergartener is getting the extra TLC he needs during the first few months of school.  And my husband deserves my attention and love and TLC too.

So, I vow to scale back at work and focus more on my family.   I hope this feeling sticks with me and is easier to accomplish than preparing a Salad Nicoise on a regular basis.

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