Family-Friendly TV? Look to your Childhood.

I can’t stand Disney Channel tween shows that put little kids in teenager or adult situations. Suite Life on Deck, iCarly, Hannah Montana, etc. My daughter is seven and I want her to be seven and I don’t want her to talk like a sassy annoying preteen like those idiots Zack and Cody. In our quest to find shows that are a step ahead of Curious George and Max and Ruby but not quite Shake it Up- I looked to the past. And no, not my days of watching Three’s Company as a latch key kid. I am talking: Brady Bunch, Gilligan’s Island. Leave it to Beaver, Bewitched. Little House on the Prairie (stick to the earlier seasons before Walnut Grove became Genoa City-like). The Cosby Show. Try DVDs from the library or Netflix or Hulu. What a better tribute to the late Sherwood Schwartz, the creator of Brady Bunch and Gilligan’s Island?

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  1. tabby

    I’m headed to Netflix! What a great idea. Like you said Icarly, suite life, etc have nothing to offer other than sassy annoying remarks that my boys try and mimic continually. I think we’ll try the Brady Brunch first.

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