GAP Little Girls Top is More Appropriate for Bungalow 8 than School

My daughter is 7 and I like to dress her like a seven year old. She still has style, but she looks age appropriate. It drives me absolutely crazy to see girls under the age of 12 wearing clothing that really belongs on teenagers. Why would mothers want to sexualize their daughters so early? Why can’t they let their girls be girls and not like a cast member from Real Housewives of the OC?

While trying to find some age appropriate cute tops for my daughter, I looked to the GAP, which used to be the place to find good quality wardrobe staples. Instead I found a one shouldered Tarzan top more suited for LC to wear to Les Deux than a second grader to wear to school or on the weekends.  I read the comments and couldn’t believe the mothers that commented on how great the top looked…on their 8 year old.   Or that they were too wide and not form fitting enough.  Maybe because they belong on a woman with breasts.

There’s an issue that stores like the GAP, Old Navy and the king of all hoochie clothing retailers- Justice –  carry these clothing marketed to little girls (a bra for four year olds, Justice?).  But there is a bigger issue that mothers and fathers buy these items.  And my daughter asks for camisole tank tops because that’s what her friends are wearing.  Do me a favor, parents of K-3rd graders at least:  say no if your first grade daughter wants to dress like her older sister in middle school.  Maybe save iCarly or Hannah Montana for when they are older than Kindergarten for better fashion role models.  And start buying clothes (and shoes) that will let your daughters play on the monkey bars and run around with their friends in sneakers instead of wedges meant for their moms. Maybe the retailers will follow.

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One response to “GAP Little Girls Top is More Appropriate for Bungalow 8 than School

  1. Erica

    AMEN! I was shocked when I noticed Gap offered up skinny jeans in infant sizes. My baby doesn’t need to be THAT trendy.

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