What’s the Best Mantra for a Working Mom?

I’m kind of overwhelmed right now.   Here’s this week: caring for a  6-month-old baby who had surgery a few weeks ago, attending my 5 year old’s Kindergarten orientation activities, managing my 7-year-old’s First Communion and party next week.  Making and taking the kids to their doctor appointments, school activities, leading a Brownie meeting, volunteering in the school library.  That’s personal.  Forget about professional- that’s even more tedious to read about, but add in one of the busiest months of the year for my business coming up.  I’m a bag of cats.

As I was running around today, alternating between various chores (making soup, cleaning up the kitchen, making beds, finding a nursing bra in the laundry, wiping up the Pam residue footprints in the kitchen), a few mantras ran through my head:

From the book I am reading “This Is Not the Story You Think It Is”:

Stop wanting things out of your control.   Yeah, well it is out of my control that my husband is running a road race when we have a bazillion things to do around the house to prepare for a First Communion next week but I am still mad and harboring resentment.

From some author of a cheesy business book from the early 90s that I heard at a conference:

Swallow your biggest frog first.  I can’t tell which frog is bigger, work or family or which work project or family need, so I will just run around ADD-like.

From my neighbor who has four kids and knows how hard it is to take care of your own needs when you have a baby:

Personal hygiene first.   I took a shower, which is a plus, but I still consider hair brushing and makeup part of personal hygiene.   When it came down to my sister in law seeing my messy house (she was coming over to babysit while I went to First Communion rehearsal), it was load the dishwasher vs. concealer and eye makeup. (note to self:  reread Dr. Alice Domar’s book “How to be Happy Without Being Perfect”).

I left a message for my friend about my struggles today and she had the following advice:

Brush your teeth, then swallow the frog.  

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