Pregnant in Heels- Preparing for a New Baby Doesn’t Require So Much…Preparation

Pregnant in Heels is my new Bravo TV guilty pleasure. I am fascinated by Rosie Pope, Maternity Concierge. I like her accent, her slight speech impediment- which is quite charming- and her auburn colored Rosie-like hair. I like how she lays down the law with her well-to-do clientele, such as the couple with the modern décor apartment that didn’t want any baby stuff to mess up the clean lines of their design aesthetic. And act kind of like assholes like they couldn’t be bothered to be parents when we all have friends and family who would do anything to have a baby.

But I don’t like it when Rosie Pope tries to scare the crap out of her clients (and wide-eyed viewers) about baby proofing and being prepared for the birth. Not every knicknack and coffee table is a death trap as Rosie admonishes. You can have picture frames on your end tables and leave your living room pretty much as it was with a few modifications once the baby starts moving, which isn’t until at least 6 months into his or her first year. My advice:  Modify once you see what the kid goes after. My babies never really touched an electrical outlet and our bathroom never required a toilet lock (a simple closing the door did the trick).

As far as preparing for the birth, yes it helps to read a book here or there, and pick up a pack of Pampers and some bottles and a couple of onesies but what it takes to be a great parent is instinct. Even the most spoiled mommies to be on Pregnant in Heels get to know their babies and figure out what works best for their family.

With or without a lesson on how to collapse a Bugaboo stroller.

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