What Moms Can Accomplish if we Work Together

Yesterday was a successful day for me and my family thanks to a community of moms that shared our loads of driving to school and to extracurricular activities with even a little grocery shopping and a hair appointment thrown in.

Sometimes women are hard on each other (“She works too much, her kids never see her.” “How can she not volunteer at school?  She’s a stay at home mom!”)   However, when we work together and support each other, we can really make things happen.

Check out yesterday’s schedule:

8:45 am- Drive my 2nd grade daughter and the neighbors’ kids to school

9:00 am- Drive to friend’s house- my 4 year old gets in her car with her son, she drove them to preschool, then heads to the regular grocery store while I watched my 3 month old and her one year old.

10:15 am- Friend arrives back at her house, hands me milk and chicken nuggets that she picked up for me, I leave her with her baby and my baby and go to hair appointment.

11:55 am- I emerge from salon with glamorous hair for party that evening.  Leave to pick up previously mentioned 4 year old boys.  Call neighbor to see if she can pick up my 2nd grader from bus.  She will, and she’s heading to Whole Foods. Do I need anything?  Of course I do.

Noon- pick up boys, drive to friend’s house, pick up baby, drive home.

12:30 pm- feed kids lunch (chicken nuggets from the morning)

1pm- corral my Brownie troop members who are arriving at my house for carpools to a rock climbing gym, coordinated by a mom.  She takes my daughter, I take her son to play with mine.  (The boys hit it off and play Batman all afternoon)

2 pm- Another Brownie mom texts me a photo of my daughter rock climbing.  So proud!

3 pm-  Breastfeed.  Put away Whole Foods groceries, delivered by neighbor boy.

4 pm-  Drive my son and other mom’s son to Little Hoops.  Oh, and 3 month old baby gets dragged along.

5 pm- Other mom meets me at Little Hoops to exchange kids.

6 pm-  Breastfeed.  Get ready for party in Boston.   There’s a snowstorm brewing.

7 pm- Miss commuter train because of bad snow.  Conductor from Acela lets me hop the train for free.  But to tie in my theme of women helping each other, he lets me on the train because a woman understands my plight and yells to him, “let her on the train!”  I bet she is a mom.

The group of moms I referenced in this post work part-time outside the home or stay at home with their kids full-time.   There are little girls in my Brownie troop who have moms who work full-time outside the home.  In this case, the full time working moms depend on the moms who are home to on Brownie meeting days (short Wednesdays once a month) so their daughters can participate in Brownies.  These moms help out on weekends or for special activities.

Yesterday was a day I was dreading- I was thinking I would rather be at my computer all day doing work than racking up mileage from one end of town to the other, buckling and unbuckling kids from carseats.  It ended up being a perfect day thanks to the power of moms working together.


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2 responses to “What Moms Can Accomplish if we Work Together

  1. tania

    it sure does take a village … i will remember this post on those days that i dread .. we can do it, happily, together 🙂

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