Why Work from Home? How about a Snow Day for Us?

There was a major blizzard in the Boston area today which was much anticipated and therefore many schools were closed the night before. Judging from activity on Twitter and Facebook today, it looks like many people were instructed to “work from home”. Even in the Northeast, we don’t have very many storms per winter that make regular commuting dangerous. I understand deadlines, I understand the stock market hours or working with people in different time zones that were not hit by the storm. But what’s wrong with giving employees a day off? Our laptops and smartphones tether us to the job constantly. How about taking a day to stay in our pajamas and cook pancakes or play in the snow with our children? A little respite from work can be just what overworked, constantly plugged in employees need to recharge their creativity. Face it, it’s not easy to work from home when the kids are home from school, giddy with excitement from a snow day. Weekends are used for errands and activities. Snow days are a gift. Employers, give this gift to your employees if you can. And employees- accept this gift without guilt. The work will get done.

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