Is Your Newborn Sleeping Through the Night?

Is he sleeping through the night? This is the most common question asked by anyone after you have a baby: family, friends, people you meet at the grocery store. No, Baby P. is not sleeping through the night yet, and either my 7 and 4 year old still get up at least once per night.

Here’s what will get Baby P. to sleep:

Snuggled close to mom in bed, even though we swore this one wouldn’t be a co-sleeper.

Upright in his infant carseat in the house or in the car (once you get the car moving he stops screaming).

Swaying in his swing if he is not feeling particularly angry.

Nuzzled up after a nice breastfeeding session.

Held close by a responsible grownup and sometimes by his big sister.

And very rarely, swaddled in his beautiful crib with the blue bunny sheets. For about an hour if we are lucky.

He’s a good little guy and as long as he is secure and close to us, he’ll sleep for 4-5 hours at a time. Which is all you can really ask from a little 11 pound guy with blue eyes and a fuzzy head.

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