Reality TV Star Talks About a Still-Taboo Topic: Miscarriage

I had my first miscarriage in 2002.  At the time, I didn’t know anyone who had had a miscarriage (or so I thought), with the exception of my grandmother and the woman I worked for as a nanny.    Once my bad news spread, co-workers and acquaintances shared their miscarriage stories with me.   Hearing their stories validated my sadness and in many cases, gave me hope.

Miscarriage is still not openly discussed in our society, which is why I am happy that E! reporter Giuliana Rancic is openly sharing her fertility/miscarriage struggle on her reality show Giuliana and Bill.

To some, it may appear that she is sharing too much of a private matter, but what I have found is that the more reserved women who endure miscarriage need help being drawn out.  There’s a part of them that needs to talk about their feelings but they need someone else to help them get started.

Some women have the ability to compartmentalize, and some just don’t view a miscarriage as the loss of a baby- they are quickly ready to move on.  For these women, or for women who won’t even allow themselves to buy a book on miscarriage, let alone see a therapist after a miscarriage, I hope Giuliana shows them that they are not alone.



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