Baby #3

I’m an only child and my husband comes from a big family.  I always thought I wanted more than the standard two kids and knew I didn’t want to have an only child.  I wanted chaos that a house full of kids brings.

We have two beautiful children, a girl (7) and a boy (4).  As I waddle around town and (finally) proudly can say I am expecting my third child when people I meet ask if I have any other kids, I always hope I am not somehow hurting someone who longs for children (or more than one, or more than two or maybe even four).

I’ve had a long road (6 first trimester miscarriages) to get where I am today. I haven’t posted on this blog since April, is because it is hard for me not to be open when I write.  I am 28 weeks pregnant today and grateful and happy for the blessing of something I have wanted since my son was less than a year old.

I’ve missed my blog and hope to continue where I left off.

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