I forgot about Slipper Day.

I forgot about Slipper Day.

I’m not sure if I really knew about Slipper Day.  So technically I didn’t forget, I’m that far behind on updating the family calendar.

The Slipper Day flyer is in my car somewhere, buried under some drycleaning I’ve been meaning to drop off for the past week.  I brought J. to preschool, 15 minutes after start time, as usual.  I felt pretty good about the start of the day.  He wasn’t crying about going to school.  He hugged me because I gave him a Girl Scout cookie in his lunch box.  He let me put Aquaphor on his face since his eczema acts up in the winter.

I saw all of the kids in his class wearing slippers, every one.  I asked him if he wanted to put mittens on his feet and he decided to pass.  I even asked him if he wanted me to go home and get his slippers even though I am not positive he has owns a pair.  Even though I really didn’t want to drive across town to get these fictitious slippers.

Then his teacher asked, “did J. bring slippers?”  And I sighed and said no, I forgot.  I added that I wouldn’t have forgotten with E., given that she was my first.  The teacher really didn’t care, but I could tell she sort of felt sorry for J. not having slippers and all.

I am feeling really sad about my failures as a mom today, especially because I have so much work to do that I am not sure when that family calendar is going to get updated.

At least J. has a Girl Scout cookie in his lunch.

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