Lily and Elizabeth’s Journey Home to Blacksburg, VA

Thanks to Elizabeth’s (charged!) iPhone, I was able to email her and hear reports from the immigration process in Miami.

After the first few emails welcoming her back and a photo of the both of them looking ELATED, I received the following emails:

9 pm “if you didn’t have a completed adoption in Haiti kids are being sent to foster care in Miami and parents are not allowed!”

9:08 pm:  “All cat 2 kids going to foster care!!  It is against everything counselor says for gaining trust with adopted kids.  I am confident Lily  (cat 1) will be ok.  Parents are flipping out”

9:54 pm:  “They printed lily.  Waiting for the verdict.”

Our welcome to the US is being bussed to a group foster home with our children so health svcs can evaluate us AGAIN as parents at some pt tomorrow. Thank you, USA, for overlooking Lily’s official category 1 status, adoption decree, federal medical exam and passport. Apparently border patrol trumps dos and international uscis. I keep learning new things. Night 9 sleeping on a floor. At least we are here.

11:38 pm:  ” ‘don’t care what your status is with uscis, i make the decisions.’  Night 9 on the floor- Miami group home.  I am disturbed at how I have been mistreated…I gt 3 senator back ups and 1 from uscis lily is to be released to me
tonight.  They are letting me sleep on the floor.  There are  100 kids.  I am one of few cat 1 and they won’t honor it from what I have heard so far;(. Boo!  Poor lily.”

2:16 am: “I am still getting cleared!  After 5 days at the us embassy you think  they’d know me by now;). Lily is sleeping in a separate areas.  I have dirt under my fingernails.”

3:45 am ? (via Facebook):  “Lily was the first released due to the completion of file and the insane amount of documentation I brought! Yay! I am pulling her out of the “home” and getting a hotel. She has been sleeping the whole time. Dare I say I will shower and sleep on a mattress?!!!”

10:15 am (via  Facebook photo:  “Lily on plane to clt with her first dunkin donut. I have a bottle of water and some banana splashed on me. She is hilarious!”

And the latest, from what I can piece together:  snow down South, which may or not delay Elizabeth and Lily’s reunion with Tim and Genevieve.   I’ll send a picture as soon as I can.

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