Need media/official on ground in Haiti to help get Lily out of Haiti

Please note Elizabeth and Lily are home safe in the States.  Please read other posts for updates. I’ve removed Tim’s personal contact information.

My friend Elizabeth and her 2 year old adopted Haitian daughter have been at the US Embassy in Haiti for 4 days, waiting for a signature from the Prime Minister so they can go home to Virginia.  The Prime Minister told CNN he is reviewing adoption cases, but he is not.  Yesterday, there were near riots at the US Embassy as Haitians are trying to get out of the country.  Elizabeth borrowed a phone to call her husband, Tim and was frantic.  She’s scared, we are scared, we want to get her out.  Following is Tim’s message below.   WE WANT MEDIA ATTENTION AT THE EMBASSY TO GET THE PRIME MINISTER TO RELEASE LILY AND LET HER LEAVE!  I will follow up with links from other blog posts and stories on their case.


My name is Tim Moore.  My wife Elizabeth Moore and I began the adoption process in Haiti three years ago and were approved for adoption on January 7, 2009. Our paperwork was lost in the earthquake, but luckily we made copies of all of our documents prior to sending everything in. We used our documentation to obtain a Haitian passport for our daughter Lily. Once the passport was obtained, we had everything necessary for obtaining a US Visa, sans Visa medical exam. My wife tried to get approval through the USCIS office in Washington D.C., without having to travel to Haiti, but was told that the USCIS office in Haiti is a different entity and follows a different set of rules, and that in order to officially move things along, she would have to travel to the US Embassy in Haiti where her paperwork had been kept.

My wife traveled down to Haiti on the 21st of January 2010. She has been working on getting Lily out of the country since then. She visited the embassy and was told that if she wanted to obtain a Visa, Lily would have to obtain a Visa Medical Examination certificate. She visited the required doctor the following day and obtained the certificate. On Sunday, 24 January, all Visas were stopped by the US government, and only Humanitarian Parole was being allowed. Since this was our only option, we decided to go this route. Since then, and due to the Pennsylvania orphan incident, the release of paroled orphans has taken a drastic turn for the worst as the Haitian Prime Minister has become involved and is requiring his approval/signature of all cases, which is bottlenecking the entire process. My wife along with numerous other families are now sleeping on the floor of the US Embassy in Haiti and have been for the past four days. My wife is also 4 months pregnant.

I am writing to you in hopes that you may have someone on the ground or know someone on the ground in Haiti that might be able to reveal this travesty. It would seem that someone from the US government would be able to move this thing along. If you can help, I would be forever in your debt.


Tim O. Moore II, PhD, P.E.


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14 responses to “Need media/official on ground in Haiti to help get Lily out of Haiti

  1. I truly hope your wife gets out of the country safely. If Lily’s true orphan status was confirmed three years ago, then I hope they both get out together. If not, then I hope Lily finds her family and your wife gets out safely.

    Haitian adoptions were tricky even before the quake due to the lack of real infrastructure down there, and now it’s even harder to confirm whether a child is truly an orphan or just separated from their family.

    It’s such an emotional thing, adoption, and I wish your wife safe, safe travels. For those considering adoption from other countries where the culture is different or the infrastructure makes it hard to confirm true orphan status, you may find this interesting to read before you make your decision:

    The person who wrote it has strong feelings about the subject, true, but the post overall is quite educational on all of the ramifications, seen and unseen, financial, cultural, familial, etc of adoption from certain countries.

    Safe travels to you and to your family. 🙂

  2. You should call your US senators’ offices. When we had adoption paperwork issues in the past, our senator’s office (Ted Kennedy) magically made the issues disappear.

    Mark Warner is a Virgina senator, his office number 202-224-2023. Jim Webb is the other one at 202-224-4024

    • junecarolclair

      Elizabeth and Tim have been very lucky to have Senator Collins from Maine and Senator Gillibrand from New York help them. A Senator from Virginia has also helped. They are so thankful to the staff members from these offices who have helped provide information and look after them.

      • junecarolclair

        the help from the senators is not enough at this point, they are not covered, Elizabeth and Lily are still at the US Embassy trying to get out and they need media attention to urge the Haitian PM to sign off on the 150+ families in the US Embassy in Port au Prince waiting to leave the country

      • Tammy

        We just received word the a fellow mother/child duo, who has been at the Embassy since Sunday, has just had their paperwork signed and is on their way to the airport. Is this true for your wife and daughter? Prayers for safe and swift return of your family.

      • junecarolclair

        We received word that Lily’s paperwork was signed and then turned out it was premature information. Who do you know about?

      • Tim Moore

        Information was definitely premature, envelopes were handed out to prospective adoptive parents and then taken away because the Embassy said they acted prematurely. Elizabeth as well as the rest of the group are feeling hopeless, their fleeting joy has been dashed once again. Hopefully, there will be some sort of signature by the PM today, but nobody knows anything for sure.

      • Tammy

        Our friend, Marijke, had the same experience earlier today and in the last hour….she has phoned home to say that they have been told that all is signed and that they are leaving. What a roller coaster!

  3. k am working to get the information to some people on the ground in haiti and in the US who’ve worked with media…


  4. also:

    maybe they can get her somewhere safe….

  5. I called Dr Moore and gave him the number of someone who may be able to help. his wife needs to get to Linda Percy at the embassy.

  6. michael robison is the name I passed to him.

    also contacted Messenger intl and passed the info.
    and a news station in Denver that covered a story this morning about Messenger Intl.

  7. I’ve posted and linked to your blog to help spread the word.

    if this is a problem just let me know.


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