Letter to Myself for 2010 Holidays

December 21, 2009

Dear June Carol Clair,

Great job with buying thoughtful presents for everyone in 2009.  And stocking up on lots and lots of wine.  And good cheese.   That taleggio was the best discovery of all.

Next year, think about buying greenery for the window box and a wreath or two after Thanksgiving, not December 20.  The kale and gourds look sad and cold and wilted, and kind of funny under a blanket of snow.  Not very Christmas-y.

You can never have enough wrapping paper or ribbon or Scotch tape.  And just because the kids stole your tape dispenser doesn’t mean you can’t spring for another one.

Speaking of wrapping, maybe get a head start on wrapping. Wrap as you buy. Maybe.

Do things you like that are Christmas-y, like baking cookies, watching Christmas shows (example “Christmas in Connecticut” and “Charlie Brown’s Christmas) and seeing friends.   Go to church.

And do not forget to spring for the printed Christmas cards with the return address.  No matter how expensive it is.


June Carol Clair

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