Park Avenue Potluck: How the Upper East Side Ladies Entertain

Park Avenue Potluck by Florence Fabricant

Am perusing my library copy of “Park Avenue Potluck: Recipes from New York’s Savviest Hostesses”, which I first learned about from Jesse Kornbluth’s Head Butler newsletter (he was reviewing the Hostesses’ new book:  “Park Avenue Potluck Celebrations”).

I thought I knew my New York socialites (and may be a bit rusty), but there are few recognizable boldfaced names in the book (disappointing) but the recipes and the stories behind the recipes are not disappointing at all.

I may have to buy this book for my collection, just to refer to some of the dinner party hosting tips and some of the recipes I that intrigued me like Avocadoes Argentina, Blueberry Cake (which doesn’t have eggs; my son has an egg allergy) and Baked Spinach Risotto.

It’s kind of hard to imagine Mrs. Chanel (Coco Kopelman) stuffing sole or Muffie Potter Aston slaving over pounds of chicken breast to make her famous Chicken with Mustard and Lemon for a party.

It’s easier to imagine Karen May’s Society Salmon Mold: “I hold many, many luncheons for members of The Society* and I always serve a mold or terrine of some kind.”  (Yeah, me too, Karen.   A party wouldn’t be a party without a terrine!)  I also like a quote from a Dayssi Olarte De Kanavos who likes the Ritz-Carlton South Beach take on the Cobb Salad and enjoys it “when I am at the pool at the hotel and having lunch with my children”.  (This lunch date with the kids thing sounds kind of few and far between).

These Park Avenue hostesses are sharing their recipes for a good cause:  *portions of the proceeds from the sale of the book will provide funding for The Society of Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center’s patient care.

I’ll toast some Paris Iced Tea to that.

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