Thankful for Being a Mom and Working (in that order)

Yesterday I volunteered in E.’s first grade classroom to help the kids make “Thankful Turkeys”.  I also volunteer during her library time, every other week.  It’s great to get a glimpse into her life at school, but it is even more fun to get to know her little classmates.  Like the little girl who wanted to know how to spell “hotel pools” so she could write it on the one of the Thankful Turkey feathers, next to “my Mom”  “my teacher” and “my dog”.

The part-time juggling of being a mom and running my own PR business is really hard some times.  I wish I worked in an office instead of my living room.  I wish I made as much money as my full-time working friends so we could travel more, upgrade the minivan and of course, save for college.

I also feel like I’m constantly changing between Clark Kent and Superman and sometimes forget to take off my glasses for the client meeting or still have my cape over my jeans during library time.

It’s a balance, but yesterday was a good balance.  I smile every time I think of E. in her pilgrim bonnet, making her Thankful Turkey.

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