Where my Sterling Cooper Friends were when Kennedy was shot

I intended to talk much more about TV in my blog.  But the problem is that I can’t review my favorite shows in a timely manner to make them relevant to my audience.   I just finished the JFK Assassination episode of Mad Men and needed to write about it.



No CNN for Sterling Cooper

The episode made me think so much about September 11, which is my context for tragedy.  Where I was when I heard, what my officemates were doing, how exposed and frightened our country (and the world) was.  Roger Sterling’s daughter’s wedding reminded me of people who I knew who got married the weekend following September 11, 2001 and had small receptions because guests couldn’t travel by air.


As someone obsessed with the Kennedy family, it seems strange to not focus on the images that are always replayed: Jackie huddled over her husband, little John’s salute.  Mad Men did a beautiful job of showing us what it was like the day JFK was shot, and the days that followed, for ordinary people.


Check out a few of my favorite Mad Men analysts’ takes on the episode, “The Grown-Ups”:  Tim Goodman (The Bastard Machine) and Dorothy Parker’s Mad Blog.

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