My Little Errand Buddy

I like to grocery shop with my 3 year old.  I’m not saying I like to grocery shop with both of my kids twice a week, but sometimes there is nothing better than having a little errand buddy.

When my kids were babies, I’d call out names of the vegetables and fruits as I wheeled the cart around the produce section.  Now, my little guy is into checking out the snacks and the juice aisles and enjoys picking some things out for his lunch.  We talk about what his friends bring to nursery school for snack time as I shop and he actually gets excited if he spots something we use at home.

He’s really into Target these days, and insists on the cart for 3 kids (irony of ironies), even though it is impossible to steer through the clothing racks.  He knows where the Band Aids are and has an opinion on the picture frames I’m perusing.  Sure, I bribe him with a toy to get through the whole store (so maybe I can check out some of the clothes and not just get laundry detergent and Pull-Ups) but I don’t go overboard.

He never wants to go through the Drive Thru at Dunkin Donuts, preferring to sit at a table like a senior citizen, except I have the hot coffee and he sips his chocolate milk while sitting across from me.

Kids get excited about the scenery on a normal route to the drycleaners.  They notice the littlest things, like balloons at a car dealership and find joy picking out a new toothbrush.

As the mom of a first grader, I know errands will lose their magic soon enough.  That’s why I smile at the moms talking to their babies at the grocery store and remember how good it feels to have a companion smiling at you from the cart.

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