Post Halloween Commentary, Food Allergies: Does EVERY House Have to Give out Reese’s?

Before you get all defensive, I know the world does not revolve around me and my food-allergy-laden son.

We’ve known J. has had a peanut allergy since 11 months, when he broke out into hives when his big sister was helping feed him Cheerios while eating her peanut butter sandwich. He also has an egg and sesame allergy. He’s 3.5 now and knows that we have to read labels and always asks when we are presented with a new snack option outside of the house, “Can I have that?” (It’s responsible, but kind of heartbreaking to hear).

He’s fine bringing his own cupcake at a friend’s birthday party even though the big cake has Spiderman on it and his mom is not an expert cake decorator. We bring our own food for him and snacks most of the time, just in case.

This year for Halloween, I planted Vermont Nut Free foil wrapped pumpkins and other treats at some of the neighbors houses. But I figured I could always switch out the rest, because I wanted him to have the experience of trick or treating the real way.

Every single house had candy with nuts. Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. Snickers. Butterfinger. Almond Joy. They probably bought the mini candy bar variety packs. They probably bought what they like to eat. I can’t blame them for that.

But, it always much appreciated when there is an option, the recognition that there are SO many kids with nut allergies, two on our tiny street alone. A few of our neighbors had other offerings, like Skittles and Starburst, which was so thoughtful.

It doesn’t take much to buy an extra package of Dum Dums or something else, like Goldfish or Teddy Grahams, or Hell- give out a bagful of pennies as a nut free option. I understand the Senior Citizens who have no idea about food allergies, but for the other moms and dads presenting a bowlful of treats, don’t act so shocked that we don’t want the Reese’s.

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