Farewell Cookie Magazine, I Loved You So

Cookie MagazineI have loved magazines all of my life and part of the reason I am good at my job in PR is that I am a voracious reader. I read about the birth of Cookie after my first child was born and waited for it to hit the newsstands like a stalker. For awhile, I saved every issue. I ripped out recipes and ideas and drooled over clothes. Every month, I read editor Pilar Guzman’s letter to readers and felt a connection, as we had kids the same age.

Best of all, some Cookie articles talked to me honestly, heart to heart, like a friend, not a service article.

I truly felt an open dialogue with the magazine and shared ideas for stories I wanted to read about: how to decorate a room that a brother and sister share, birthday party goodie bags that weren’t filled with unimaginative plastic junk and date night outfits that still made me feel like a girlfriend instead of a mom.

Last year, I was invited to be on Cookie’s reader panel, “a Queen Bee” and received quarterly mailings with items from their advertisers. Everything was spot on for the Cookie brand- high end but not pretentious, smart, practical and fun. Lindt chocolate bunnies at Easter time, a red leather Cookie luggage tag with a mailing from Disney, a Mom Agenda, outfits from the First Impressions line at Macy’s to give to my new mom friends. Everyone knows Word of Mom translates into purchasing, and I’ve spread the word on my favorite gifts from Cookie.

Cookie was gorgeously designed, perfectly edited and smartly marketed.

I love some of my mom blogs, but none are as special as Cookie. And I am on my laptop so much of the day, I don’t want to curl up with it after dinner.

Thank you Cookie editors, writers, promotions staff- I hope you are able to find an employer that values all that you have done and will do.

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  1. Telisa

    Wow, this is why I could no longer find @ the library : (

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