Look Glam at the Bus Stop, Even with PJs Under Your Coat

P179016_heroI won’t lie. There are days that I have showed up at the bus stop or preschool drop off not showered, sans makeup and in “leisure wear”, but here are a few tips to make you feel a little glam when the kids are dressed and ready but you neglected to get yourself ready. And you have less than 5 minutes.

1. Big sunglasses and lipstick. That’s really all you need. Lip stains and a touch of gloss are great, but red lipstick is wonderful if you have time to do it right.

2. Hair powder. I love Oscar Blandi dry shampoo and the small size at Sephora will last you a long time. Flip your hair upside down, sprinkle a little hair powder on your palms, rub into your scalp and flip up and shake. My hairdresser says that baby powder works just as well.

3. A great coat. It doesn’t matter what you have underneath. It could be a trench or a little jacket from H&M.

4. Cute ballet flats. My stockpile ranges from Tory Burch patent black leather to Sigerson Morrison for Target rose gold flats.

5. For the bottoms, jeans always work, the most flattering fit is all that matters, not the price tag.

Now go out and rock that bus stop. Strut past the parking lot preschool mom clique. Own it.

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