Keeping Friends Through Motherhood

Just received the September issue of Self Magazine. I hate to exercise and eat healthy, but I like to read about it, sort of like my love affair with saving money tips and Suze Orman books (I know what to do, just don’t do it.)

The Self article, “Can our friendship be saved?” feature letters from one single living in the city friend to her married with kids friend in the burbs and vice versa. Both friends wanted to share the closeness they had when they worked together, but neither seemed to understand what the other was going through.

Interestingly enough, I tended to relate to the single friend, even though I have two young kids. True, once you have kids you don’t have the flexibility you once had, but there are some moms who can’t seem to manage talking on the phone with a girlfriend and taking care of kids. That’s where independent play comes in, throwing them some Pirate’s Booty or even better, Pirate’s Booty in front of a little Noggin.


The Secret Weapon for Moms to be able to talk on the phone.

My old roommate who moved to Denver and I usually manage to talk every morning, despite 5 young kids between us. We have the understanding that at any point we may have to hang up or some days the other won’t be listening a closely. But we do a great job of talking through the triumphs and travails of work, friendship, marriage, in-laws, our parents, Reality TV, bathing suit shopping and what we are making for dinner.

I still talk to my single friends, sometimes more than my married friends, usually because they are the ones who have time to talk. I love hearing about their hookups and designer shoe purchases and always try to help them navigate the dating world (how do they manage with texting?!!)

But the article also taught me to remember that I am not a know-it-all and are busier than anyone else just because I am married with kids. I also hope it taught the single girls not to call between 5:30-7:30 pm.

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