No, I Don’t Want to Come to Your Jewelry Party

I want this for the fall!

This necklace from JCrew is on my wish list for this fall.

Home parties for women to sell things like jewelry and home decorating items and “educational” children’s books are big doings in the suburbs.

Browsing in someone’s living room or kitchen isn’t an escape for me.  Even if there is wine involved.

If I am going to buy costume jewelry, I am going to go to a boutique or a department store or Etsy.  Granted, moms don’t always have a lot of time for browsing.  So, if spot a necklace I like in a fashion magazine and I might order it online (like this one from JCrew).

I love, love children’s books, so much that I collected them before I had kids so mine would be able to read the same vintage hardcover Beverly Cleary books that I did.  I comb the New York Times Book section and Cookie Magazine for great ideas on new children’s books.  I love great artwork in books, like Lucy Cousins’ Maisy series and classics like Make Way for Ducklings and Harry the Dirty Dog.  When looking for kids books, I want to discover an old favorite or find a new one.  Which is why the “educational” book home parties irritate me too.  All of these books look the same.  And aren’t all books educational?

I also don’t want to feel guilted into helping you get a little money into your pocket.   I’m working part time and don’t ask my friends and neighbors for funding so I can get my hair highlighted.  (Although times are tough, I may start asking).

An idea I love for a home party:

Guests bring their makeup bags and a makeup artist helps decide what to toss and what to keep and what you need to make your look complete (combining Maybelline, Chanel, Sephora house brand and Laura Mercier).

If someone wants to invite me to that one, I’ll come.  Especially if there is wine involved.

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One response to “No, I Don’t Want to Come to Your Jewelry Party

  1. I’m with you! I just joined some mom group in my area, and have suddenly gotten bombarded with these stupid party ideas. Tasty “dinners to buy” party? I’d rather go out to eat!

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