Not “In the Zone”

I run my own PR consultancy business (working from home) and run my household.  Some days I am in the zone and get everything right, some days, like today, I am all over the place.

We just returned from vacation (well, three days ago) and are partially unpacked.  Last night I had my first meeting with a new book club and (maybe) had one glass of Sauvignon Blanc too many.   Our babysitter had a doctor’s appointment so I had 5 year-old E .at home with me, still in her Gymboree sprinkles nightgown, playing with her dollhouse.  Three-year-old J. had a little father/son morning at daddy’s office (thank God), because:

I decided to check email at 9:45 and read an email from a freelancer “confirming” coffee at Starbucks at 10 am.  I threw my hair into a ponytail, got dressed and shouted to E. that she was coming to a meeting and I’d buy her a hot chocolate.  I couldn’t find my makeup bag anywhere.  I found some eyeliner in a bathroom drawer, made do with some half-melted lipstick from the car and headed to Starbucks.   My nails are painted a gorgeous orangey-red but one thumb is entirely chipped off and my pointy fingers both are half painted.

Tomorrow I’ll pull off looking like Jackie Kennedy off to a luncheon but not today.

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